Package Manager says 4 updates but they do not install

As the title of my post says , these packages say they want to update however when I run package manager it says I am up to date? Any help greatly appreciated


AUR packages - your responsibility.

Update without having AUR enabled.


sudo pacman -Syu

Then tend to these - if you need them.

don’t post screenshots
copy/paste text
use words to describe your issue

use external image sharing services and link to them here if you do have to use screenshots

one reason:
when I want to look up one of the package names - I need to transcribe it myself
instead of just copy/pasting it

pictures content is not searchable

it’s taking up much more server space than simple text

for no gain at all - the opposite, in fact


I guess you used Pamac or another AUR helper to install these? If you really do need them, and as long as you are sure everything else is current, you can upgrade them with pamac update -a.

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Thank you for your help! I didnt think that the screenshot was not searchable. The problem fixed itself this morning when Thunderbird updated :slight_smile:

Thank you ! I will bear that in mind in future :slight_smile:

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