Package Manager Not Updating Software?

Well I have no idea what my sudo pw is now lol

Did you try your user password?

I did and it did not take. Unsure if I even have a sudo pw at the moment come to think of it…

What password do you type when you update with Pamac? Try this one then. Maybe you locked yourself up. Reboot then.

I type my typical user one that I log into the system with. However, when I was running the suggest command from above, it wouldnt take…

Well I have no clue what happened, but I ran sudo pacman -Syu and the command is running as we speak. No clue whats going on.

It will perform a full system update from the terminal. Use this if ever the graphical version has issues.

Use pacman if pamac has issues :wink:
(or … just use pacman and truly enjoy the simplicity)

Also noteworthy:
Current pamac is gtk4 (and libadwaita). libpamac also had a bug that disallowed updates so something else was needed. Aside from that pamac still has problems like settings not being applied. pamac-gtk3 is still in the repos. It will also better represent system theming on just about every desktop besides gnome.

pacman > pamac-gtk3 > pamac
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Being a critical/core app for Manjaro, plus maintained by one dev Guillaume Benoit with dead activity for over a month, it seems Pamac is not able to keep up with the speed of a rolling release like Manjaro. Use yay or simply pacman.

Give the man a break - vacation time …


Well, the Pamac project was blown from the first minute with LibAdwaita choice. With new Pamac being supported only on GNOME, I think it would be more beneficial for Manjaro KDE to add an AUR backend for Discover to avoid all bugs introduced by that cursed library. And I’m sure KDE project will welcome any contribution from Manjaro.

So … you propose using Discover+PackageKit to manage system packages?

:roll_eyes: great idea …

Warning: PackageKit opens up system permissions by default, and is otherwise not recommended for general usage. See FS#50459 and FS#57943.

pacman/Tips and tricks - ArchWiki

KDE Project is a huge project which contains and absorbed many apps under its wings (the latest is SDDM), they have the technical talents to push any kind of feature they see beneficial for Linux community, and while KDE Plasma is getting more popular on Arch based distros, it seems to be natural to get help from them and ditch some “gnoomy” fans ideas that are trying to push hard on users of other desktops.

I installed pamac-gtk3 because it took forever for pamac to load up…

As for a sudo password, I’d advise (if you make it separate) to change one character, so p@ss becomes pa55 and is harder to forget.

Pamac cannot update libpamac version 11.5.5 to working version 11.5.7
but pacman can update to working version

[Stable Update] 2023-07-17 - Known issues and solutions > 2023-07-10

▼ libpamac 11.5.5-1 breaks update function

use sudo pacman -Syu to update to the latest libpamac release.

pamac-gtk supporting Gtk4 is a different issue and only theme is affected

“only theme is affected” … haha

  • so theme makes regular updates not working for many people, right ?

  • Upgrade at shutdown option doesn’t work since gtk4 version at all … just pretending it is installing packages, but nothing is installed!

  • search hints not there at all - confusing people to thing search is not working

“Give the man a break - vacation time” … if there is vacation time, you don’t release a big barely-working update for this important package to leave it broken for a long time

I suggest you open a new topic to report issues with pamac-gtk for moderators and experienced forum members to assist you with troubleshooting

I think you might just be making things up and regurgitating them half-chewed.
If you had done an ounce of research into this subject you might realize that KDE has much the same opinion on packagekit as Arch does - it doesnt work on arch, dont use it.
I dont expect, and certainly see no movement, to somehow ‘rectify’ that situation.
packagekit itself is simply not a good solution - in whatever form.
Or what … you think … KDE is going to create a new framework just for Arch … and then Arch will adopt that?
I really dont know how your logic is working here.
Discover is fine for widgets, themes, and other such things got through the API of (pling) … but is absolutely not supported, not working, and not secure, for system package management on Arch and Arch based distros.
Pamac isnt the best choice … in either its previous or current form … but discover is not the answer.

I meant a complete new backend to add to Discover, like how Pamac does it, they already did it together with Fedora devs for system upgrades so why not for Archlinux or Manjaro where new Pamac support was restricted to only GNOME desktop.

…that is packagekit.

…If somehow the KDE Devs create or incorporate a way to handle ALPM … then sure … I just dont get where you got the idea that is likely to happen … or even more incredibly … that the KDE Devs are going to work to create a new packaging framework that Arch or Manjaro will adopt.

You can believe what you want to believe I guess.