Package manager cannot resolve "nvidia-450xx-utils" dependency

Worked for me, thank you verry much. I am a noob but this were simple and good instructions. Aleluya to the linux gods

I clarify I’m not an expert

and I think the way I’m gonna say to do it is not supported but it seems easier to do.

If you # pacman -Syu it will prompt to skip the package,
skip it,
install everything else,
.# pacman -Syu

I think this is caused bc the dependencies are in some of the linux packages that are updating, I repeat myself I’m not an expert, so I don’t know the real cause of the issue

dont need to do anything. try to update as usual. i did

Yes this has been fixed now, normal update as usual should be fine. You can choose to switch to the new 455 drivers if you want to after the update. Would be nice if a mod closed all threads related to this, since the update dependency problem has been resolved.

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