Package fails to download

Mine are different

pamac list -i | grep -i keyring
archlinux-keyring                 20220118-1                  core       1.5 MB
gnome-keyring                     1:40.0-1.1                  extra      4.5 MB
manjaro-keyring                   20210910-2                  core       184.2 kB

Don’t know why its not working, just tested it to see if it installed. i would wait for more experienced users to help out.

It’s ok it’s just to see if it is PGP Key related.

What is your device ? Because I don’t see any “arm” package in your list.

Not arm but amd64

x86_64 works fine for me too. It is the ARM package that I am having issues with. I too am on arm-unstable but I tried it on arm-stable and had similar results. It could be a keyring issue. But it is weird that I can use pacman -U and it installs fine. It is with pacman -S that it fails.

Sounds more like a general mirror issue, where the file did not completely download from Arch, or that the build on Arch ARM is not working.

If you download it from an Arch ARM mirror and install it with pacman -U does it work?

Yes, pacman -U works.

debug: checkdeps: package xsel-
debug: returning error 33 from alpm_db_get_pkg (../lib/libalpm/db.c: 248) : could not find or read package
debug: setting download size 17172 for pkg xsel

But when I download the package it is 17196 bytes… a size mismatch.

pacman sets the file size to download but the file in the repo is not the same size.

How do you get such debug ?

I’ve downloaded it from archlinux arm mirror: and and they are the same as we have in our repo.

Add --debug to the pacman command.

This would indicate that the package does not work in Arch ARM either.

For instance, from the x86_64 repo:

debug: checkdeps: package xsel-
debug: returning error 33 from alpm_db_get_pkg (../lib/libalpm/db.c: 248) : could not find or read package
debug: setting download size 18660 for pkg xsel
ls -l /var/cache/pacman/pkg/xsel*
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 18660 Mar 11  2020 /var/cache/pacman/pkg/xsel-

As you can see, the file size that pacman sets to download matches the actual file size. It is incorrect in the arm repo, this is the cause of the error.

This would depend on what the ARCH ARM community repo has for a file size. The package is fine, the issue is what is reported and stored for the file size in /var/lib/pacman/sync/community.db.


Maximum file size exceeded. 

This the error returned by curl used by pacman, the file in the repo exceeds the size requested… so it errors.

Yeah, it sounds like an error in the database. Question is of it’s in our (Manjaro) database, or in ALARM’s database?

Maybe someone that has an Arch Arm image would be kind enough to test the download?
sudo pacman -Sw xsel is all that is required to test.

@Strit I just noticed that the Arch ARM repo has xsel- as does the Arch repo. This is a newer package than what is in the Manjaro repos.

Nice. They updated it 2 hours ago (i flagged it out of date)! Nice. We should pull it in with the next sync then. :slight_smile:

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This mirror appears to have performed a sync 16 minutes ago… still no update to the xsel package.

Edit: But I see the update made it to the x86_64 mirror… maybe it just needs more time.

Edit 2: Note to self… It seems the Manjaro mirrors sync against a snapshot of the Arch ARM repo. It does not matter when the repo syncs, it matters when the rsync snapshot was taken that the mirrors sync against.

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I just synced it into our Unstable branch.

@Strit The new package downloads/installs with pacman -S without error, thank you.

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