Pacaur doesn't work anymore in octopi

Hello everyone,

After my last system update I encountered a new problem.
I’m unable to activate PACAUR in octopi.

When I start a package search, I received the following message in the console :
QList::removeAt(): Index out of range.
And nothing appears in the result list.

Does anyone encounters the same problem ?
Is it still a supported way to work with AUR ?



Not a direct answer to your question ─ I’ve never used pacaur ─ but you could install yay and/or trizen, both of which should work well enough.

But then again, I myself only use yay from the command line, and sometimes I just use (the command-line version of) pamac. :man_shrugging:

Last update was over 2 years ago. I’m pretty sure I remember reading somewhere the dev gave up on the project. You may consider moving on.

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After some more investigation I understood the problem.
pacaur didn’t work properly due to a broken dependency.

pacaur uses a tool called auracle, I forgot if I installed this tool from source years ago but it isn’t listed as a standard package in octopi.
auracle didn’t work anymore due to a removed shared library (

To correct the problem I followed the next procedure :

git clone
cd auracle-git
makepkg -si

I hope I didn’t make any mistake, now octopi works as expected with pacaur.

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