Owncloudcmd client bug! (easy to resolve)

Hi all,
I use owncloudcmd and I noticed a bug…

owncloudcmd version - command line client tool

Someone introduces an error in the English translation (in the previous client version it was written correctly

  -s, --silten                      Don't be so verbose.

So, the question is. Is it better to write again silent as in the past (and force a lot of script correction), or is it better to leave the error introduced with version 3 of the client?


Why not use the shorthand version, -s?

But anyway, is the bug in the program itself, in the program’s help text, or in the man page? If the first two, you should contact the developer, and if the latter, you should contact the man page maintainer — it may be the same person.

you’re right; this is an issue for the developer.