Own post in this forum was edited by another user

I have created the initial post on “MHWD creates empty xorg configuration files”
After a short time, I receive a notification that “aragorn” has edited my initial post - but nothing seems to be changed. A diff of both raw codes detects no differences.

How is that possible?

Sorry for not including links - but I’m “too new” to be allowed to do so. I already had an account on the old manjaro forum but that doesn’t seem to count.

That’s because @Aragorn ─ hey, cool, that’s me :sunglasses: ─ is a moderator, and all I did was move your thread to the proper category. :wink:

Ok, that’s an explanation! Thank you for doing that :slight_smile:

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Hey, you’re for getting something my friend. I can do it as well.

Regulars can do it as well.

Yes, TL3s and TL4s can also move threads, and in this case, again, moving the thread was all I’ve done. But TL4s, moderators and administrators can also edit the actual posts, for instance in order to apply proper formatting to badly embedded terminal output. :wink:

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I have to remember that I can do that. will be able to do that if I become part of the furniture here on the forum.

I wish I could do that on a different forum but it’s using different software

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Patience, young Padawan…



See edit:wink:

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