Overheat CPU on Ryzen mobile sytems

Overheat or CPU Frequency Management Issues

My laptop is overheating when do big work-loads (building a dotnet project for example).
The config is an Asus Vivobook with Ryzen 7 4800H and a really bad cooling solution.
First I repaste and clean, but the results are the same, when the CPU hits 105, it shuts down.

After some research and tests, the best way I can handle it is:

  • Install ryzen-controller-bin;
  • Use this command line “sudo ryzenadj --tctl-temp=95 --stapm-limit=45000”, limiting the CPU max temp to 95 degrees Celsius and 45W for the power.
  • After some tests, I create a systemd service to run this at the startup.

Obs: if you use some app to monitor your hardware, maybe this app can cause some conflict.

Two things: 1) Setting STAPM to typical TDP defeats the purpose of it - STAPM is the power limit to avoid thermal throttling, so if your laptop can’t handle 45W continuous, setting it in STAPM seems a bad idea.

Perhaps more important is point 2) According to the RyzenAdj Documentation, Renoir CPUs, like the 4800H, do not support the --stapm-limit option. So your command is only setting the max CPU temp before throttling, not the power used.

To get control over the boost behaviour, you’ll want to read the Renoir Tuning Guide and set --fast-limit, --slow-limit and --slow-time parameters appropriately.