Overall status of 3d support under 64bit kernel on raspberrypi 4

Does anybody knows the overall status of the 3d acceleration for the raspberrypi4 on Manjaro 20.10? Is the mesa-git driver working and applications have access to the v3d core (like chromium, firefox, etc.) or is it currently in a broken status (software 3d rendering only)?

Thank you

That is kind of a hard question to answer. And since you asked anybody, I will give you my take on it. Are you asking if you can install arm stable on a RPi4 8GB and run accelerated 3d with all apps and all resolutions? no. Can it be made to work pretty well if you use fairly close to the latest software? yes, but it is still a work in progress.

Ok thanks for the answer. I understand that it is a wip. I have a 4gb model here and would like to use it as a desktop instead of my old Socket 775 (80W power in idle is a mess…).

To be more concrete, does chromium/firefox recognize the v3d(mesa) and provide acceleration on it?

Sorry for the long delay in my reply but I wanted to give you specifics.

As my system is setup with 5.10-rc4-1 and mesa 20.2.2-3 and a 1920x1080 hdmi monitor, I do have v3d acceleration. Chromium 86.0.4240.198 recognizes v3d for webgl and webgl2. Firefox 83.0 recognizes v3d for webgl, but not webgl2.

When I visit this webgl example with 500 fish and 1024x1024 (the default): Chromium runs at ~15 fps and Firefox runs at ~10 fps.

When I run glxgears, it is in sync with the monitor at 60 fps.

Youtube videos run fine to my eye, but I suspect some frames do get dropped.

So in short, yes…v3d acceleration does work. However, I hope more improvements can and will be made.

Edit: I should add that I am using the lastest firmware, bootloader and dtoverlay=vc4-kms-v3d-pi4 in config.txt

Ok thank you very much. I got it running with chromium acceleration by trying your config. Interestingly it does not run with mesa-git at the moment :).