Outdated manjaro.org Website As Of 2018-06-29


Greetings All,

My warmest and fondest greetings to all who read this. If I have posted in the wrong location, I apologize. I noticed that when I go to https://manjaro.org that the last [Stable Update] is listed as 2018-05-17. However, we have had a number of stable updates since then. I don’t know which volunteer is in charge of updating that, but it should be updated to reflect the latest stable updates because new users to Manjaro might get the wrong idea that Manjaro hasn’t been updated in over a month.

Just something I noticed and thought I’d share with you guys. Thanks for a great OS.


I may be wrong, but it could be that the Updates announcements in the manjaro.org refer to the release of the last isos.
What I mean, that after the stable update on the 05-17 the isos 17.10 were released and that is what people can find in the manjaro.org to download.
Since then there were a few stable updates, but new isos were not released.


Oh I see! That makes sense. My apologies for misunderstanding. =)