Our PulseEffects Presets

Hello, I'd like to open a thread where we share our Pulseeffects presets to improve audio quality on Linux.

Usually audio drivers on Windows came with software to enhance the sound played by speakers, especially on laptops, but that's missing on Linux with Pulseaudio. Fortunately PulseEffects offers the ability to gather the best audio plugins to get the same audio quality on Windows.

In the last months the help page of the application shared an interesting guide to enhance audio quality on notebooks, and I read it to get a preset which works best on my system. I will share it here and invite you to try it on your laptop, if you have one.

Install and start PulseEffects, than go in ~/.config/PulseEffects/output/, create a file entitled LAPTOP.json and copy LAPTOP preset listed here

Restart the application, select "LAPTOP" from presets and listen to some music or watch something in your player. Do not forget to redirect your player to use PulseEffects sink (or just select process every output from PE options). I repeat, this is made for laptops only, I do not recommend to try it on other hardware.

If you have a special preset for your hardware, share it here!

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A good place to start is the Community Presets wiki page:

My settings:

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