Other Media Player then VLC

VLC has this Issue of if I start and close so many Videos I will get Logged Out with my all Applications closed. I can Log Back, and I always Restart Manjaro just in case. At first it was only .wmv Codec that did this. Now it nearly almost every Video Codec/Format that does this.

Any Solutions to this problem? Is it a X or Wayland Issue?
Nvidia GPU Driver?

The easiest Solution I can think of is simply switch to another Media Player. Xine seems to fit the bill here. However it not Media Codec/Format is so well supported like VLC does. But so far Xine doesn’t Log me Out like VLC is doing.

That means that your display server ─ whether X or Wayland ─ has crashed, and given that everything inside your GUI session is a child process of that GUI session, it will be killed off as well.

If both X and Wayland exhibit this problem, then the cause most likely sits at some deeper level below the display server.

Well, there you go. It could be a video driver issue, and especially so if you’re using the proprietary Nvidia drivers. Those are closed-source binary blobs and they run inside the kernel’s address space.

So not only do we not know what they do, but they also run with full access to the hardware and to the memory management and process management subsystems of the kernel.

VLC is good, but it’s quite big. I personally like Dragon Player, but that’s a KDE application, and so it would be overkill if you don’t use Plasma or have no other KDE applications installed, since it needs to pull in the kdelibs.

mplayer is another popular media player, and it has both Qt and GTK frontends. mpv is a very slim media player and it works with just about everything, but many don’t like its spartan user interface.

I’m using Xine for now but I’ll see if mplayer works for my needs. Others Ive tried will not resize the Window to what I need it to be. Basically I watch the videos to the right of my display. I do use a 2560x1600p Resolution and size Firefox where there is enough Desk Estate left over for Videos to play at the side.

Usually Porn if you must know, but I do have non-porn as well. Like Music Videos and sort of erotic dances among other things.

Movies are streamed online and whatever I have on DVD.

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