Other Linux forums for us New Jacks...?

So after spending a little time here and starting to read through some basic Linux tutorials (generously linked to me by @Fabby), I’m really getting the urge to expand my horizons some more. Linux-land is a BIG world, man!

I really enjoy the community spirit here at the Manjaro forums, and I was wondering if any of you have some recommendations for other forums that have a similar feel to the Manjaro forum, but cover more ‘general’ Linux topics? I will be doing research on my own as time allows, but if someone here has already tread this ground well… I’m always looking for pointers to save myself time and heartache! :slight_smile:

Hi @JulianVickers ,

You’re have no idea! I don’t even, really, have an idea. But In my opinion that’s good. It always allows you to grow.

I know it’s not for everyone, but I found experience the best teacher. And the forums here, I don’t have another way to describe it, but they seem to pull in contributions and fill with a desire to help.

Well from experience, I learned a couple of things.

One is that you can find information anywhere - but often you won’t know it’s bad information until you’re restoring your timeshift snapshot and trying to find your way back to where you started.

Another is that there are often traps… for example, you can read on Arch forums how to use a certain package to manage mirrors. If you do it with Manjaro you end up in the soup… why is that? because surely Manjaro is just Arch, right?

Then there’s the one about folks following complicated installation guides for something outside the main repositories - instead of just using an AUR helper and grabbing a binary, or having it built properly.

So go searching, watch and listen - youtube is nice, and a few news sites, but most of the cool stuff finds it’s way back to here. Most good stuff you find, when you come back here - you’ll find someone’s already been talking about it probably 6 months before you even thought it was new.

The only thing I can really say that’ll save heartache is this:
BACKUP that sh88t. Then it’s just something cheap you can overwrite at any time you like without losing anything.

If you back it up well enough, they can bomb your house and you’'ll still come out an hour later smelling of roses.

  • If you’ve read my beginner’s tutorial you know that man is your friend so whenever someone here or a web site somewhere else tells you to use any command, man command it first.
  • If no one is telling you to do anything, go here and keep reading…

There! That should keep you busy for a couple of years!

:crazy_face: :wink:

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Thanks Ben. What I’m hearing is that there’s “no place like here.” Thanks for the reply and yes… I am already halfway through a backup tutorial so I’m at least in the right direction :wink:

Thanks again, sir.

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Oh yes - man and I are becoming fast friends! An excellent resource once you get used to it! I guess I’ll stop community shopping, say I’ve found home… and GET TO WORK !! :crazy_face:

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Reddit has good options:

You can learn quite a bit scrolling through linux4noobs and linuxquestions


@realmain you know I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to check out reddit. I was pretty active there for some time and then I just got tired of it like I did every other social platform… but there were some really worthwhile subs there! Thanks for jogging my memory!

Don’t forget tldr - for people who get headaches from man because sometimes we can’t RTFM.

Install tealdeer-bin

then try tldr ls and see - using arrows you can select and execute from there!