OSMO Pim does not start and hangs

i’m on stable and with XFCE and since last update the osmo PIM (from official repo) does not start any more, eating away on CPU core. osmo flatpak runs fine, but i prefer the official repo version.
Any hints?


still the case after todays update :frowning:
no error messages if started from the terminal, it just hangs.

On my system (stable + enlightenment + latest update) osmo runs fine.

I have this issue. Sort of found a workaround but it’s not 100% ok.

To stop the crash you can delete the files in ~/.config/osmo, namely config.xml and lockfile. And Osmo will start again.
Just make sure you don’t close the app through the X in the top corner or it will crash again.

Thing is, even though all seems good on the surface, the app still crashes the webkit2gtk library in the background (but it doesn’t stop the app). Which in turn generates repeated coredumps with high disk usage while the app is active.

If someone has info on how to overcome this issue, I’m all ears.

Thanks for the late reply. Meanwhile, i use Orage which works nicely though i liked the Osmo GUI more.


Hey, thanks for letting me know about Orage. I’ve installed a lot of substitutes for Osmo after it crashed but none has fit the bill.
I’m trying Orage from Aur now and it seems a really good contender.

It’s a shame Osmo stopped working after the update, it did a good job for reminders and as a contacts database.
The Flatpak version doesn’t work properly for me and is old which misses some features.

I have great news.
Add that to the osmo launcher and it should stop the webkit2gtk library crashing in the background.

So to recap:

  1. If Osmo doesnt open:
    Terminate the Osmo process in the task manager
    Delete the files inside ~/.config/osmo/
    Start Osmo and it should open
    Don’t ever close the Osmo window with the X in the corner or it will crash again
  2. Add this to the launcher:
    to stop Osmo from crashing in the background and do a bunch of disk usage

So all in all it should be usable again.

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