OSDN.net is down (broken links on Manjaro Wiki)

Hi, I wanted to search for the “Manjaro Beginner’s User Guide” but discovered the link to the PDF distribution of it on OSDN.net is down - here’s the link from the wiki page:


I’m getting the “504 Gateway Time-out” error and I’m not alone:

Any mirror for the files?

btw. I know this PDF guide is shipped with Manjaro XFCE, but it’s not there on GNOME edition, which is another issue that I’ll describe in another post in relevant forum section

The user guide has not been updated in years.
I dont think it is supposed to be shipped with any edition these days.

The wiki has been neglected too.

( it also seems that the web master is creating spearate docs for some reason … docs.manjaro.org )

That all said … we cannot control OSDN and its up time.

It appears while I was typing this it became available again.

Though sporadically.

curl to the rescue…

curl -O osdn.dl.osdn.net/storage/g/m/ma/manjaro/Manjaro-User-Guide.pdf

I also re-uploaded it at 0x0.st so you may access it that way:

And I will warn again - the user guide is severely outdated. From ~2018 or so.

Hello fellow Manjaro users,

One of the nice things I found out about Manjaro when I did my first install of the XFCE Edition back in 2020, was that it came with a handy user manual in form of a “Manjaro User’s Guide” PDF. I might be old-school, but I really love handy manuals.

In early 2023 I installed Manjaro GNOME Edition. I recently noticed that the Manjaro User Guide is not included in this distribution - does not appear in the GNOME Menu like it appears on Manjaro XFCE’s Whisker menu. I consulted Manjaro wiki, but the link to download the user guide does not work. I didn’t find it on my Manjaro GNOME system either:

$ ls /usr/share/doc/manjaro/Beginner_User_Guide.pdf  
ls: cannot access '/usr/share/doc/manjaro/Beginner_User_Guide.pdf': No such file or directory

Shouldn’t be the PDF file included in the GNOME edition as well?
Perhaps it’d be nice if it was a package that would be a part of the ISO build process, but could also be installed retrospectively for systems missing it, like mine.

It seems you did not read my reply to your first thread.

So … the User Guide was retired a long while ago and should probably not be in any edition.

Thank you for uploading the PDF, although I managed to download it using the curl invocation you provided, so at least their storage server works (website still errors 504 for me).

I also found out through this forum post, which I’d post to if it wasn’t closed, that here’s the User Guide’s source repo:

If anyone else was searching for it, one can find the PDF of the most recent 2020 edition under asciidoc folder there:

I didn’t know that. I personally find the “Maintaining your system” chapter to still be quite relevant (at least the useful pacman one-liners)

If the PDF is deprecated/unmaintained/outdated, it’d be perhaps a good idea to mention it where it appears the Wiki and in the source repository README so that no more questions like mine appear :slight_smile:

Anyway, now I know. Thank you so much for your reply and clarifying the matter, and have a great day/night wherever you are! Sorry for taking your time!

If anyone else is looking for this PDF, please refer to answers in this thread.