OS System Update VS. Fresh install - Differences?

An optional dependency for the default package manager, which requires you to install the package manager… using itself… in order to be prompted to make a decision?


That’s the same level of Inception as using a compiler to compile the compiler.


Actually, no: optional dependencies are just that - optional.
pacman does not need vim for its basic functions to work (package management).

It’s solely an optional dependency due to it being the default merge program for pacdiff.

Every compiler is compiled by a compiler. It’s even considered an important step in language/toolchain development, when a compiler for a certain language is written in that same language and can compile itself (self-hosting).

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I was trying to make a funny…


My humor license says it’s still good up until May 2024, but I might have to return it to the agency much sooner. :cry:

“Well, actually…”, by GNOME founder Miguel de Icaza, 2011

(It’s all in good fun, but I couldn’t help but to think back on Miguel’s blog post from 2011 where he parodies himself. It’s a recommended read, and a good laugh!) :wink:

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