Orwellian Big Tech Surveillance

I am very interested in deleting my Android phone software and replacing it with a Manjaro platform that can be used in a mobile environment. we all need to get our freedom back!!

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What is your question for the community exactly? If you want Manjaro on a phone, look up Pine Phone from the Manjaro store.

You cannot use Manjaro ARM on your phone. If you want to cut out Google - you will need a custom rom built for your specific device.

Pinephone is the only device supported by Manjaro ARM.

You can use various other systems on a Pinephone as well as Manjaro - just search for Pinephone on the internet.

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Just in case you don’t know about it:
there is LineageOS
Perhaps your device is supported …

Get a pinephone, it’s great I’ve been using it in the last 6months as a daily driver…it’s not stable as android yet, but improving a lot and very fast.

Get out of big tech asap.