Organizing email accounts on a personal server

I guess there are people here who have an email server for personal needs. I want to ask a question, how do you organize several accounts from all of which you want to check messages? I am not asking about the technical aspects, just organizational.

Let’s say I own a domain and want to have a separate address for work-related correspondence (say,, for personal messages (say,, and an address I would use for registering at different resources that require an email for registration (say,

If you had a similar setup, would you create several actually separate accounts for these addresses, or just one account and make the rest of the addresses just aliases to that main address with their own subfolders for messages? I think that the second variant is the way to go, but I may be missing something.

Hi @Kzer-Za,

Either option could work. It depends on you.

I’d recommend keeping them separate. It’s what I would’ve done.

Reason being that we don’t know what the future holds, and them being separate kind of…“decentralizes” things. This way the emails don’t all fail if there is a problem with one mailbox.


Okay, I think I’m gonna make two separate accounts for work-related and for personal matters, and the rest (registration mail, postmaster, and maybe something else) handle with aliases to the personal account.