Order of processes at startup

I am using multiple workspaces. I have added a number of applications in Startup applications and I have a script that moves the applications to the workspaces that I want. I would like to automate the process on startup.

If I add the script to run at startup no application is moved. I am assuming that the startup script runs before the applications are launched.

Is there any way I can automatically run the script after the startup applications have been launched

A simple way to delay a startup script is to add something like this at the beginning:

sleep 10

to make the script wait 10 seconds before moving the applications

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Why didn’t I think of that :slight_smile:

Still doesn’t work. I have a script in startup.services in systemd.services. How can I tell if the script is actually initiated?

Why not log something to syslog so you can check?

I was assuming that you meant a bash script rather than a systemd service because you did not mention a systemd service

If you do not know if the script is initiated, I do not see how you could determine that the sleep command within the script does not work

If you could post the script and/or any systemd service you are trying to use, someone may be able to see any problems

You could always create a systemd startup unit that depends on a user. Or something like that.

Sorry guys. I was doing this the hard way

I have now set up a command in Startup Applications (with a delay) and it works perfectly

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