Orange Pi 4G-IOT!


Manjaro arm support selected devices, and Orange Pi 4G-IOT (linux kernel) could be a big hit!
It would be the (incredibly)first device/board with an integrated cellular modem that support linux. And could lead to linux support for many smartphones and tablets, thing that seems forbidden today… ! :fearful:

Mediatek gives no linux support, following the unwritten rule “or cellular modem or linux” ! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Orange pi guys are working on it but at the moment there is only ubuntu with android kernel (that is no good).

I hope you and others will work on this board and other mediatek devices.


The lack of linux support from mediatek doesn’t surprise me at all. They are just as bad with Android, there’s no proprietary blobs or source code released for opensource developers from them at all so you can’t run custom ROMs like LineageOS.


Can’t look up the device. is down.

Does Arch Linux ARM support it?

I see you already posted on Arch Linux ARM forum about it.


Seems not even Armbian is gonna support it. It’s too much work. So a project like us (with only a couple of developers) will never get it to work.


Yea, I thought mediatek was a more open company than qualcom, but… idk…

Yeah no one. More in general no one made linux support a device with a cellular modem…

But yuou have to start somewhere right ?

I guess/hope that this board is at least rooted and bootloader unlocked…
idk I don’t have it.


But a small 1-2 man team is not where things like this get started. You would need a larger team, that can actually build the software/firmware for it.


quite the reverse, qualcomm chips are the most accessbile by opensource projects because the necessary kernel modules have been made available by qualcomm from the outset. The difficulty actually stems from what the OEMs add into the mix with their smartphone and tablet proprietary elements.

I can see qualcomm supporting linux too eventually if their snapdragon for PC takes off


I dont know… they makes agreements with “benefits” from go0gle and micr0soft…
And nothing from linux… (even if a linux mobile os could be more popular than android if it would takeoff)


Well Qualcomm are active Platinum Members of the Linux Foundation. QuIC president Rob Chandhok even is on the board of the Linux Foundation


Also go0gle is (or similar)… this speak for itself…

Then why, of hundreds of qc models, none support linux ?

These guys are there cos they “donates” , and for theyr own interests, not the foundation interests.

May be the only solution is a law from a non corrupted antitrust autorithy, that forces a open and compatible bootloader…