Opulent October (2018) Screenshots



I guess Breath-colored Materia kvantum theme looks so much better than the original one, what do you think?


Dracula v Halloween: Dawn of Juice :jack_o_lantern:

A dark theme for the Holiday!


Your setups are so nice!!! Do you post your i3 configs somewhere?


Moved from xfce4 to i3 recently, so I did not get the chance to customize many things, but I like it very much so far!!!

Wallpaper is the Sombrero galaxy M104 as captured by Hubble.


I posted almost everything of that setup here in the comments: click
Some stuff is further down in the comments because ppl asked…


Didn’t have any pics for Halloween, so I figured autumn will do…

Admittedly usually you can’t see the background, but…
Oh, and that is across two screens, and I’m too lazy to fix my Conky colours.


Love the theme-appropriate font!


WHat app is running in the Top Konsole window?


It is a stress tester :test_tube:: s-tui.



Manja 18.0 is there (unstable) !
& observe incidentally the legendary frugality (specially in this opulent thread…) of Enlightenment with Ram…! :wink:


Getting ready for Samhain on the bayou . :japanese_ogre:


At the end of the month just trying the rofi menu that @frost told me in his post!
Just installed a vanilla Openbox and configured all manually. Amazing!


Plane / Flat Remix (modified).

Update : I gave a few more thoughts to the colors & display :smile:



I’m using two screen, I love my KDE :slight_smile:


i am back guys :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, but I can’t give it a :heart: because of the :car:.
VW is an evil company from my point of view!


So I switched to kde from xfce and here’s my current setup. Everything running smoothly… Only I can’t get dolphin transparent…


Dolphin (kvantumanager):


Like all other big companys.

And the “Dieselgate” its not VW’s fault.
But thats an other topic.