Opulent October (2018) Screenshots



@itnativa Icon theme & Window decoration

@SGS that’s what she said, every time we open a bottle of red :smiley:


Tried to capture a screenshot while i removed 500mb of kde games. Pacman chewed trough the packages too fast.


@Signalrunner - How do you get the toolbar down the left in dolphin?
As soon as I posted, I found it doh!


Hello, new user of Manjaro here. Been a linux user for at least 15 years or so. Mostly Ubuntu, Puppy, and Mint being the most recent. I am trying out Manjaro currently on an old Dell Dimension E310 I picked up for $5 and spent $10 to upgrade the memory to 2Gb. This is my current look for my setup. I had an old 1Gb usb drive set up with Puppy linux with this basic look and I still love the look.



I’m in love with this desktop. Could you share some more details? Newbie here…!


A little bit you can find here


Its been a while since I have shared mine. So, here it is, wallpaper done by @Lunix , menu button done by @Lunix , Breath Workspace Theme, Maia color scheme with maia transparent desktop, Breath icons , Maia Cursor , Oxygen Widget , Oxygen Windows Decorations ( minus glow )

Still very nuts over the Maia color!!!


Colors so sweet you get caries.


God! I’d like that full screen blur with the app launcher… Some way to share that config I’m on OpenBox Manjaro (don’t know if that matters)


You need compton-tryone for that.
I use .Xresources to theme Rofi: https://privatebin.net/?3bea5dcf30cf2fc5#6jUtDvk4eAA/pkNsiPgElDtuYhuI0KIzYv4OCHHfyG8=
I start compton with:
compton --config ~/path/to/yourconfig/config.conf --blur-method kawase --blur-strength 15 -b
Obviously you’d use your own compton config because that’s individual. But you don’t need to define a blur-kern because you’re using kawase.
And you know how to define hex color transparency?
If not: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23201134/transparent-argb-hex-value#28481374


Great work! Looks amazing.




made my day / week / month / year! such an awesomeness


Inverted Space Yahtzee! :game_die:

Spending some time with my favorite light theme: “Spacemacs Light”.
Also Yahtzee!


SO. MUCH. WHITE. Who needs UVA rays in order to get tanned with that setup? I hope that at least you use sunglasses in front of your PC :sunglasses:

Just kidding, very cool, I like it.


I’m gonna need it: Winter is Coming™ :cold_face: :joy:


Wow! Bright but so very nice.


A “desktop re-do” that I just could not wait for to share until next month…


I was using Tryone for a time but I don’t know why it give me some problems… I think with compton (it seems that now incorporates blur) could work… I check it later!