Opulent October (2018) Screenshots



Is your theme in the manjaro repo? I’m not at my computer right now.


The processor in my laptop doesn’t even know compton is running. :smiley:


It’s not my theme, i use the Materia Theme(and yes it’s in the repos) and i’m currently confirming that all lines of code don’t break anything in the design, but i can give you the styling of xfce if you want it.


Thanks. I have to admit I know only a little about tweaking the gtk.css of a theme, but if you have the lines and documentation to help as a theming guideline for XFCE (and whisker menu), that would be great.


It’s been a while since I last posted here. Just using a solid colour now. No wallpaper.

PS I know it’s bad.


What do you think?


Starting October with a very mac-y setup on a new installation with an SSD, and plasma never been faster


Just some quite ordinary budgie did use some wicked terminal just for luls and giggels.


Here is my current setup with KDE desktop (M-A custom install)


Loving my deepinarch build :slight_smile:


Besides how bright that particular color is, I’m with you :+1:


Not wanting to let go of Adapta yet…

Found a Firefox theme to match Adapta, and made some matching icons for oblogout. And I recently figured out how to extract theme files from a gtk.gresource file (used by a lot of new themes) so theme editing is easier. Adapta supports gtk 4.0 already, so maybe it will work for quite a while still.


I was fancying these for logout icons:


New month … new background and colors via wal


The Yellow Tinted Matrix

I uploaded a video to reddit, of the use of my setup shown above:

Short Description (Full In Link)

The video is a reenactment of a scene (spoiler warning) from some 90s B movie, about linear algebra, called “The Matrix” . The video was made in one take, music, and sounds included. Sorry for the choppy frame rate.

Music Credits

The music is the fifth dance (a menuet), from the third “French Suite” (numbered BWV 814) by Bach. Also known as “Theme C” ( warning: loud) from Tetris on Game Boy from 1989.

Part I: The Hack

The protagonists computer has been hacked by some stalker dude called “Trinity”

Part II: The Geometric Shapes

Under threat, the protagonist plays a game of geometric shapes.

Part III: Monitoring

After such a long and demanding gaming session of a graphically intense game, the protagonist monitors the computer for heat and sweat damage.

Part IV: Reading x86 Assembler

Tired of all the commotion, the protagonist relaxes by reading some plain x86 assembler.

Another View


Could you share the theme?


I saw it in redddit awesome. Are you using a real CRT moitor? :face_with_monocle:


Wow. That’s amazing work.

And all I did was use oomox to make myself an adapta-nokto-ish arc theme to replace our dearly-departed theme that was taken away too soon in its prime. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have no idea where the purple in the “close window” button came from. There was no setting in oomox for changing the colour of that button.



Hehe, thankfully no!
I assumed CRT was safe to use for Cool Retro Term because most people were not old enough not to remember Cathode Ray Tubes and “thick” television sets. :grin: Maybe they are. :face_with_monocle: indeed!


An amazing work! How you make that look? Sorry if the explanation is in thw video bit I can’t watch it now!