Opulent October (2018) Screenshots



:pancakes: Opulent October :fallen_leaf: (2018) Screenshots

Since I have been messing with my setup, especially with Cool Retro Term, even right now, during the turn of the month, I might as well start this thread.


Never thought I would be using CRT for daily work, but since this is a laptop it is very useful to have one terminal with large font (CRT), and one (Konsole) with smaller for when I connect to a larger monitor.

So to start off, here is my desktop entering October: KDE Plasma, auto hiding panel, hidden window borders (“tiling” with keyboard shortcuts). I am running the metroid script (by Xero) and s-tui (check it out!) in Cool Retro Term. The a wallpaper is from the upcoming game “The Last Night” by Odd Tales.

P.S. “O” was not the easiest letter to find words that start with that are also “tasty” :ice_cream:!

Savoury September (2018) Screenshots


Green is the new green.

Dreaming December (2018) Screenshots

Back on Manjaro again!

Original pic:


Wallpaper featuring Suigintou from Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen


Here is mine for October.

Running Manjaro 17.1.12 XFCE, with Compton for deskop compositing. Also using Nemo over Thunar for file manager.


It’s been a while since last time I posted my desktop.

I changed my default terminal emulator to Alacritty and I modularized my Awesome WM configs

You can find my configs here

Help with configuring my desktop

Nothing special, I’ve been using the same setup for a long time. Just a new wallpaper.


Wow! We are in October… So here’s my Desktop for this month I choose a fabolous Oscar Chichoni wallpaper. Polybar, Termite, Ranger, ncmpcpp and cava is seen.

Ok! so my Oscar Chichoni theme was flagged as innapropiate by some people, an image that years ago can be found as cover of fantasy magazines. Here’s another one coming from our fighting for the independence in Catalonia… Hope it don’t looks innapropiate.


Una tapa de Fierro?


It was a Zona84 cover, maybe Fierro published it too, at that time the magazines share a lot of covers.

The image I post was the number eleven, in ths link says is from Heavy Metal USA (I saw it in a Zona84 mag) Oscar Chichoni (careful it seems that art is offensive)


Not so sexy, pretty classy. :smiley: Manjaro KDE :heart:



I might be a bit addicted to polybar customizing. xD


Wanted something easy for eyes.


I stopped maintaining my theme for the sake of just make lines that people can add to their gtk.css if they want something to looks different with documentation of what things theme what and how to change the values to your preference,

i was trying it with most of the themes i had installed and it seems to work pretty well, i even added some whisker menu animations and looks based on some bits of material design 2.

My wallpapers will be available in a while!




What compositor do you use for the blur?, i think it’s kwin or compton.




I guess since you use it there is no noticeable performance loss?