Optionals for plasma5-themes-breath2

When using pamac to install plasma5-themes-breath2 1.0.10-1, I receive an error failed to prepare transaction for both of the optionals, breath2-icon-theme-dev and breath2-dark-icon-theme-dev, resulting in target not found.

Edit: Corrected package name

You put wrong package names:

[tomek@tomek ~]$ pamac search breath2
sddm-breath2-theme                     [Zainstalowane] 1.0.10-2         community 
    breath2 theme for SDDM
plasma5-themes-breath2                 [Zainstalowane] 1.0.10-2         community 
    breath2 theme for KDE Plasma 5
breath2-git                                            r110.ed26e232-1  Repozytoria użytkowników Arch 
    Breath 2 Look & Feel package (color schemes,
    icons, Konsole theme, Plasma5 theme, SDDM theme,
    wallpapers, Yakuake theme)
breath2-wallpaper                      [Zainstalowane] 1.0.10-2         community 
    breath2 wallpaper
breath2-icon-themes                    [Zainstalowane] 1.0.10-3         community 
    breath2 icon theme
[tomek@tomek ~]$ 

Ah, newer packages. My mirror has not sync’ed yet, I will try later. Thank you for the reply.