Option to use GPT on BIOS

I am trying to install Manjaro KDE dual boot with windows 10
I have LEGACY Boot and by following a tutorial I created partitions as follows
new partition - 27GB ext4 primary for linux
and 3GB for linuxswap
Then i selected install bootloader on System Partition (/)
After that it gives me a pop up to use GPT on BIOS
but i ignored it and it gave me error “Installation Failed cannot create partitions”
I dont know how to use GPT on BIOS as it says something to do with create tables plus how to solve the error and install Manjaro along with windows 10

Why two threads instead of one?

Is it necessary to shrink C drive for installing Manjaro Linux?

Question was different??

This is a miss-understanding:
System means (not the same as says)
On an UEFI-Machine you “must” use GPT for partition-table.
The new disk needs one partition of about 200MB,
formatted with fat32 and labeled “/boot/efi”
The “second partition” will be the linux system.
It would be wise to have “/home” on a different disk.
(in the case you have to re-install Manjaro, then
you have to save the contents of “/home”, because everything
on the “second partition” will be overwritten. If “/home” is on a different disk,
“/home” will survive the re-installation.)

You can use GPT and BIOS - there’s some subtle differences.

You will need to create an unformatted partition size 8M-32M (Calamares uses 32M) and this partition must be of the type BIOS BOOT (0xEF02).

When you install the bootloader using GPT you must install to partition e.g. /dev/sdyX.

When you use GPT you are not limited to 4 primary partitions but have the option of up to 127 partitions.

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Can you please explain what should i do here?
I still have to delete that partition you said or just install GPT?

You shouldn’t have because GPT is backwards-compatible with MBR but only if MBR compatibility is turned on and you ignored that.

We don’t know because that’s just a screenshot and it provides no information that helps us help you, so:

  • if you don’t have any data on that thing, restart from scratch with your new knowledge.
  • If you do have data on it,
    • delete the things you did
    • do them again until [it gives me a pop up to use GPT on BIOS] and then say “yes”.