Option to disable middle-click paste shortcut

Can we please have an option in settings to disable the middle click paste shortcut?

In which DE? In Gnome, there is an option in Tweaks (gnome-tweaks) under “Keyboard and Mouse”.

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The middle mouse paste buffer is really hardcoded in the system.

I wonder if somebody will bring you solution.
Super hard.

Maybe if you would be willing to sacrifice the middleclick alltogether.

EDIT: or isntall the sxhkd but still uggly solution :smiley:

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Impossible to answer question without knowing what Desktop (window manager - xwindows or wayland) is being used, like @flibby.jibbit mentioned.

KDE has an option in settings. KDE Doc - KDE Mouse Actions - https://docs.kde.org/stable5/en/kde-workspace/plasma-desktop/desktop.html

IMWheel - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/IMWheel - is a tool for tweaking mouse wheel behavior, on a per-program basis.

In the archived manjaro forum - How to deactivate middle mouse button paste - https://archived.forum.manjaro.org/t/how-to-deactivate-middle-mouse-button-paste/19794

There were more search hits at the archived forum: https://archived.forum.manjaro.org/search?q=middle%20mouse%20paste

PS: Seems to be a problem with the forum. Can’t not add hyperlinks.

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Doesn’t that disable middle click altogether? The advantage of the sxhkd method is that it doesn’t disable middle click, just the pasting.

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Hello everyone.

I have a slightly different question to this, but I didn’t think it was different enough so as to start a new thread.

I am on KDE Plasma, and sometime ago there was a keybinding that when clicking the middle-click on the desktop, a sticky note widget appeared. This is no longer possible. Do you know if and how I can bring it back? The ‘Right-click>Configure Desktop>Mouse Actions and delete middle-button’ advice I have found for the opposite of what I want, can’t be used because the set of actions in the respective menu is standard.

Is there a way or should I try something custom?

Sorry for jumping in.