Option to boot into win10 does not appear

Hello there, I’m a complete linux noob, and I just finished installing manjaro on my pc.
Whenever I start it auto boots into manjaro, which is fine, but the option to boot into windows does not appear.
Windows 10 is on an SSD with no other partition, while manjaro is on an HDD shared between windows and manjaro. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Hello @SamSamm and welcome :wink:

  1. When booting press ESC and the Bootmenu should be displayed.
  2. If Windows is not there listed, then edit the file at /etc/default/grub as root and check if GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false is set. After changing the file, open a terminal and run sudo update-grub
  3. If after that no Windows entry is there, then please check if Windows and Manjaro is installed in the same mode (UEFI or BIOS). For example:
efibootmgr -v
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