Optimus-manager --switch-nvidia stopped working

Hi everyone,

since a recent update (I cannot exactly pinpoint as I do not use optimus-manager on a regular basis) switching to nvidia with optimus-manager --switch-nvidia is no longer possible. I opened to following issue on the respective github: optimus-manager github that also contains details about my setup.

I also tried to set up NVIDIA only mode as recommended on the NVIDIA optimus arch wiki: NVIDIA Optimus - ArchWiki

But without success. When following the instructions my window manager (LightDM) does not start and freezes at the TTY terminal displaying: Failed to start lightDM

I also tried using envycontrol, but also get stuck at the TTY terminal with the error message: [FAILED ] to start NVIDIA Persistence Daemon.

Any ideas how to approach this?

EDIT: FIXED IT by installing the Driver provided by the NVIDIA homepage (contrary to the recommendations from the wiki article),

optimus-manager is not well regarded … and requires hacky things to ‘work’.

You would need to undo those things in order for other methods to be functional.

LightDM is not a window manager. It is a Display Manager.
And on that note we dont know much about your desktop or environment.

Finally … your ‘solution’ of using the driver from the nvidia website is unsupported and likely to break.
In whatever case you will need to manage it yourself, such as by periodically performing the manual download and install.

If you want help undoing all those things feel free to ask.