Optimus-manager saga

well its been a saga so far.
I have installed nvidia-prime nvidia-utils
have installed optimus-manager
have installed optimus manager qt
have disabled and removed bumblebeed
have remarked lines in sddm.conf
have changed etc/x11 conf files… the upshot and closest i got to anything working other than a black screen was at shutdown when i did actually find nvidia modesetting was working but couldnt find the EDID for the display. hence the blackscreen. Apparently it is a known bug.

so 2 complete re-installs later I ask since so many people are stuck with a blackscreen running optimus-manager-qt …is somehow optimus-manager working as promised but a further step to tell nvidia modesetting how to find the Edid needs to be worked out.
I mean for some people the above steps worked fine and others a blackscreen?

Lenovo Workstation W530, XFCE
I removed nvidia-bumblebee,
installed pur nvidia driver,
installed optimus manager qt,
nothing remarked or changed, nothing more done, only reboot
went fine for me and now i can switch between intel/nvidia and use the external monitor with nvidia

yes i have kde which is where the problems seem to be. did you use nvidia 340 or 390xx?

Nvidea 390xx

my pure nvidia install failed twice. despite having purged all previous nvidia drivers.
so i have gone back to the hybrid bumblebee driver and have managed to get primusrun to work. primusrun works with smplayer but not vlc or mpv. whether or not it is using the intel or nvidia gpu is not entirely certain as glxgears gives 59fps which is more typical of intel4000 I should be getting closer to 68 fps. so I am patient for a solution as optimus manager would only load intel even if asked to load hybrid or nvidia.