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Tis OT i know, but fwiw, given you two went there...

OnlyOffice evaluation 5/5/17

CONCLUSION: Don't like it, not interested in using it.


  1. Unusual UI, kinda like a browser window with all its applications [Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation] opening their respective docs in an ever-increasing tabs-row. Cannot break any tabs out of this window, hence tis impossible to simultaneously view more than 1 file at the time... WEIRD!

  2. No personalisation capabilities, minimal customisation capabilities.

  3. Minimal right-click context menus.

  4. Weird non-editable Toolbar, fully icon-based. This is arguably the worst of all worlds; clearly not a Ribbon [which i want to have], but also not even as powerful as a traditional Menubar, & visually hectic & confusing.

  5. Document pgm ignores my existing documents' hyperlinks to bookmarks.

  6. Document pgm provides no way to view twin pages or other complex views.

  7. Spreadsheet pgm lets me edit Comments but not format, resize or reposition them [& loses all pre-existing formatting].

  8. Spreadsheet pgm has a bad time working with my larger existing files that are dates- & charts-heavy. I would need to make various repairs.

  9. Spreadsheet pgm ignores my cell Validation & Pick-Lists.

  10. Didn't even bother testing the Ppt pgm, given the severe issues of the other pgms.

2019/07/07 - 15:18: Briefly reinstalled it today from AUR for quick re-evaluation.

  1. Still apparently valid from before = #1, 2, 3, 4.
  2. Didn't bother retesting >#4.
  3. Additionally discovered today that OO refuses to launch in Firejail unless used with the weakening option --noprofile, ie, certainly cannot use with my mandatory --protocol=unix. Yuck.
  4. IMO OO remains extremely blech.

I know that it lacks many functions LO has and is not what I would pick if I want tons of functions and heavy work.

I actually like the browser like window management. you can switch quickly with ctrl + tab around them.

On the bright side:

  • very responsive

  • excellent MS office compatibility

  • clean and easy to use navigation

  • cloud functionality (not tested)

I use a 4k monitor and refuse to torture my eyes with blurry and shoddy Libre Office icons in 2019. At my prev. workplace we heavily relied on excel, macros and access using the programs to their full capabilities. OO doesn't come close to this functionality but is perfect for moderate work imo.

Its also relative young software compared to the still ancient looking LO and I hope for added functionality/customization in the future.

It all depends on your work case and I don't depend on office software as much as I used to and work with Wolfram Mathematica most the time (which is also in the AUR)

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Interestingly, this was precisely why I had to stop using OO. I brought my own laptop to work, where everything is MS based (yet I was on Manjaro) and wanted to try OO. I didn't stand a chance. Nothing was interoperable at all. Styles and formatting for docx files was all over the place. Same for Excel files. (Disclaimer, this was 2-3 months ago, not sure how much this may have improved since. Also, the documents the people in my office put together were ghastly monsters).

I find Libre Office has maintained an astounding amount of compatibility and allowed for almost complete interop between my Manjaro laptop and the largely O365 / Win7 based office.

You make a good point about Libre Office icons / UI being relatively terrible, especially on HiDPI. Though I find with 6.x they have improved things a lot using the new ribbon interface.

It's funny because I've been tinkering with OO for a little bit here when this subject came up.
I quite like it.
I don't have an issue with the interface as some have expressed. I think using the word "ancient" is a bit misleading. It's more Not Microsoft Office looking. Were OO does look pretty much like MS Office.
Neither bother me. I'm used to both but I've been having issues with LibreOffice. I'm on Fresh but I've tried Still as well. Could be my computer or who knows really but it'll sometimes segfault. Usually and maddeningly when i save.
So OO. The thing I had to get used to was the tabbed silliness. It's truly annoying at first but once you get used to ctrl + tab it was fine.

I'm not using firejail nor use --protocol=unix so it's obviously not your cup of tea. Understandable.
I quite like it though. I don't have a lot of heavy Office stuff I do. I write and I use my spreadsheet for a few varies tasks I want to keep organized. So it's working out quite nicely so far.
Hasn't segfaulted... yet.

You shouldn't call it OO, this confuses with Open Office.