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Is there someone knowing how to get back the system title bar and decoration in Opera-developer? Last update from AUR made it look like a Windows 10 ripoff. I “hate” that big red button and the fact that i can’t use the default KDE Plasma decoration. :slight_smile:
See the image in your left compared to the default Opera in your right.

Opera doesn't use Plasma KDE style

You can check opera://flags page. If there is a setting to disable new design it should be there.


Thanks, but reading trough all of them don’t seem to help my case.

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Is it a gtk app?

You could try using gtk3-classic, which can allow “normal” client side decorations to be displayed.

This worked for me when firefox went in a similar UI direction, displayed the default Plasma window decorations.


Was my first thought when i saw the “new interface” and i installed gtk3-classic but it didn’t help. Is like this Opera is something else. Spent more that 2 hours yesterday and another 5 hours today to look for clues and it simply escapes me …


Just installed Opera and I get what you show on the right picture. So maybe it is a matter of uninstalling, removing the opera folder and re-install to start all over.
It’s not what you want to hear, but a clean install works for me.
First secure what you want to keep: favorites for example.


Opera and Opera-developer don’t overlap. I use them both, as i use also Falkon, Chromium, Google-Chrome-Unstable, Firefox and Vivaldi. Opera is fine.
To the opera-developer something changed and even in a fresh install will look the same, it’s own decorations and buttons.


Sorry if this will look like a slight necrobump, but i just wanted to add that also Opera-Beta does the same thing now, so i’m guessing the developers are going to push the same “look and feel” at one point to Opera stable too :frowning:


Yeah. Client Side Decorations is the new hotness. It’s only a matter of time until Firefox and Chrome is pushing down our throats too.


On KDE plasma simply looks odd, doesn’t integrate at all with what i have. The resize from corners or from side border is a pain, is like i never hit the right pixel, while all the Plasma decorated windows simply let me do that with no hassle …


Not a fix, but you could use special application settings/no title bar and frame. That’s always one way of getting rid of an eye sore.


That’s the thing, in fact i want it to use Plasma Title bars and windows, and there is no way it seems, or i don’t look where i should. It doesn’t follow the GTK+ theme, the menu is one thing and nothing changes it, while there is a dropdown menu for the opened tabs that takes just part of GTK3 theme. Is a visual mess, plus those ugly close, maximize and minimize buttons are huge and very Window$i. For now only Opera stable is ok, but i’m afraid is going to do the same thing soon. Previously only Opera-Developer was doing this, now also Opera-Beta …

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The latest stable version (55.0.2994.37) is doing this now also. I don’t care for it either.

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Yeah, what i was afraid it came to be real. Not a big deal, but this will alienate me from Opera. I might downgrade the stable one and exclude it from updates. Used only for some art related blogs and posts, but i preferred to have the KDE decorations, and manage the windows the same way as other applications.


The only way to have it back, at least optional, is to comment on opera forum

In KDE Plasma 5 you can force Opera to use titlebar by setting Kwin rule:

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