Opera cannot be downloaded through pacman?


Recently, I downloaded Manjaro on two of my computers. I was able to download Opera using sudo pacman -Syu opera, but on my other computer, I’m running the same command, but I’m getting a target not found: opera error. I found an alternative, which is using the Snap store. However, I’m running into an issue where I cannot enable dark mode because the extension is corrupted.

I’d rather install it via pacman instead of Snap or Flatpak because that version always worked for me. I don’t want to use a version of Opera that has one of its settings corrupted.

Does anyone know why this could be happening?

It’s happening because it’s not in the Manjaro repository, but I do see it in AUR

So you need to use an AUR helper to install it, or continue using the Snap or install the Flatpak version.

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opera (and several of its extensions) can be installed from the AUR. :point_down:

pamac build opera

… or… :point_down:

yay -Syu opera

Make sure your system is fully up to date before you install it, and do not use sudo with either of these two commands — they will prompt you for a password themselves when needed.

It got removed from the repos about a month ago. I did not do a research why, but usually the reason to remove otherwise good software has something to do with licenses or propitiery parts. Just a speculation.

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Thank you, everyone! I might just stick to the Snap version of the program, then. I’m hoping that dark mode corruption error gets fixed sometime in the future. Not sure why it happens on the Snap version and not the pacman version.

Appreciate the support!

Check who owns Opera :wink:

Hi @eric56379 and Welcome to the Manjaro community.

No, and frankly, I would not persist with Opera if I were you.

Allow me to suggest using Vivaldi instead, which is available in the official repositories:

sudo pacman -S vivaldi

Vivaldi is based on Chromium, but developed by some of the good people that gave the world the original Opera browser:

I won’t sing its praises for you (do your own research), however, in my quite opinionated, err… opinion… you’ll be glad you tried it.


reason to remove otherwise good software has something to do with licenses or propitiery parts. Just a speculation

The package maintainer was no longer using and was no longer interested in packaging opera

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