Opera browser with free VPN

Not sure if this was posted yet. http://www.opera.com/ You can try it out with Version 41 develper form the AUR. It works. Under settings in search box type vpn toggle on.



And select a country from where you want your IP to be based.
After initial glitches and over-use (opera quickly had too increase capacity) it seem to be working great now.
Not all WiFi providers will allow VPNs, but in many cases it works quite well.


Thanks for this. I am a huge fan of the Opera browser. Opera Turbo and adblock are two awesome built-in features. WIll use the VPN when it hits the stable repo :slight_smile:

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Hey thanks for the heads-up. I just installed the regular repo version and it has the free vpn. I’m running an openbox manjaro and opera seems great so far.

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It is here, and works fine —

The VPN is provided by https://www.surfeasy.com/en/
Is it reliable? If anyone knows, please inform.

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Thank you, but I gave up using Opera.

It must be a useful tool. I always use Hola free vpn service, found good reviews . I prefer to stay anonymous on the web, for my safety. It’s good to know that this opera vpn will be free. I hope it will not disappoint me.

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The power saver feature of Opera is also very cool! And the Opera Turbo function!

free vpns are total trash, and i dont think opera free vpn is any better. If you looking to protect your privacy or whatever the reason read some vpn reviews and get it from trustable providers, its not that expensive and you wont worry about speed or other major problems that you will probably have with free service.
TOR is best from the free tools but they are slow too…

Have you tried out Vivaldi? Ive’ switched to it from opera. No vpn and a lot more options available in settings.


free vpns are total trash

I have to agree with >Alexei892d< about free VPN’s.
Using Opera developer is just that!
It’s not even Beta and it’s not Stable ~ I refuse to use the Opera Developer VPN, – Instead I use Ghostery and Ublock Origin for -No Advertising -No Tracking and controlling Privacy

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