Opera artifacts after waking manjaro

Hi, whenever my monitor turns itself off because of inactivity and I turn it back on, the opera browser has black artefacts (I can’t paste links/images on this forum) and I have to restart it to make them disappear. Anybody knows how to solve this? It started happening lately, after some upgrade (not sure if it’s system’s fault, browser or both).

I use manjaro XFCE.

Thank you.

Did you use nvidia 455.28 and kernel 5.9 ? I notice some glitches in Chrome browser.
Meanwhile i use Linux 5.8.

Hi, Go to opera://settings/system
The top item listed there should be the ‘Enable hardware acceleration when available’ toggle.

En the version that came out recently it seems to fix the problem
Link Opera forum

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According to inxi I have nvidia 430.64 and kernel 5.4.72.
I will try toggling hardware acceleration and let you know if it works, thank you.

disabling hardware acceleration works, thank you (I have opera version that is latest in the repositories: 71.0.3770.148)


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