Openvpn: Routing into the LAN and break out into the Internet

Hi all,

I set up a routed OpenVPN-Server and it is up and running.

I would like to see via this server the LAN computers and break out into the Internet.

In Ubuntu I had to edit systl.conf and enter the following in order to make the routing and break out permanent.

vi /etc/sysctl.conf

What is the manjaro equivalent to this?
(I know the prerequisite is the appropriate server.conf.)
(Also I have seen a directory /etc/sysctl.d.)


The equivalent is described here:

That is described here:

I would advice to configure “–topology subnet” as net30 is deprecated.

I did find neither

–topology subnet



in the cited article …

But ipforwarding is in function! Thankyou

Regarding topology:

ok, now I got it. (hopefully)

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