OpenVPN connector

Hello everyone,
My cloud machine has two operating systems.
Windows 10 Pro (RDP, OpenVPN Connector)

I am trying to install this connector on Manjaro to connect to internal IP with NoMachine.
Official documentation (h***s:// does not include Manjaro.

Can you help me?

I imported a .ovpn profile and restarted NoMachine. I can now connect.
However, there was a new problem. When VPN connector is on, there is no internet on the machine.

Hi @strefaprogramisty ,
Maybe, you have to downgrade the package as it was explained on the testing update of 11th July.
[Testing Update] 2021-07-11 - Cinnamon, Linux513, Gnome 40.3, KDE-Git - #2 by philm

Please, look at the section Older Issues.

Hope it help, regards