OpenRC unsupported

Since the old forum (unfortunately) got rekt, many of the links in the wiki are broken. One of these is this one.

I am curious as to why and when OpenRC is no longer supported. I am by no means a whiz so, for me, the difference/use between OpenRC and SystemD would be non-existent.
I just want to know the “whys”. Besides what are the pros and cons of OpenRC vs SystemD?

Systemd became the default for Arch (and many other distros) since years.

There is no reason to rehash here what years of flame wars have already done.


I see. I guess there’s been a shitstorm around it because of the politics behind it. I read that Poettering even received death threats because of it. From what I read most people that are against SystemD is because of scope creep.

I’ve given OpenRC a go earlier, with Artix - the only thing I noticed was how fast it was. But, then again, I am not experienced enough to know what to look for.

I for one think its hugely convenient.

But it any case … as far as manjaro goes … its not gonna change any time soon.

As for the general merits and arguments … well they are all a search engine away.

Keeping this thread around will just invite weirdness. So please dont think ill of it being closed now.

(Though thanks for reminders of wiki cleanup! Actually there is a new wiki being built that will be deployed soon.)

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