OpenMPI : can't send or receiv messages and CUDA error

I’m learning to use MPI at school and wanted to install it on my computer. But I have some problems.
I have openmpi 4.1.2-1 installed. I have two problems :
1- Even with a very simple program (i.e say “Hello” on every thread), when mpirunning the program I have the message :

An error occurred while trying to map in the address of a function.
Function Name: cuIpcOpenMemHandle_v2
Error string: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: cuIpcOpenMemHandle_v2
CUDA-aware support is disabled.
3 more processes have sent help message help-mpi-common-cuda.txt / dlsym failed
[PC:17822] Set MCA parameter “orte_base_help_aggregate” to 0 to see all help / error messages
The program does the job correctly even with the bit of messaging. But maybe it’s a hint of my second problem :

2- I can’t make my thread communicate between each other. When running my program, it says :

*** Process received signal ***
[PC:19706] Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
[PC:19706] Signal code: Address not mapped (1)
[PC:19706] Failing at address: (nil)
And I’m using scripts done on my school computer, so ones I’m sure they work.

I’m quite new to linux and debugging my problems. So I don’t know where to begin to investigate this problems. Does anyone have any idea or had the same problems ?