Opening web links on workspace where navigator is located

I’m using Manjaro/Xfce. For example, if using Thunderbird in workspace 1 and Firefox in workspace 2, when clicking in an email message on a web link, then:

  1. Firefox moves first in workspace 1
  2. Link opens in Firefox, now locate in workspace 1 and window above Thunderbird.

My question is this one. Is there a way (and how to) to get the behaviour I’d like to work with:

  1. Firefox stays in it’s current workspace, even if it is in a in different one.
  2. Link opens (=in the workspace where Firefox is currently located).


Open Settings Manager → Window Manager Tweaks → Focus (tab) and under When a window raises itself select the option called Switch to window’s workspace.


ok thanks that is now perfect! I thought I have explored everything in the graphical Settings Manager, but obviously I didn’t…
I noticed the “Do nothing” option which allow me to open a lot of links from my email client in a row, then switch just one time to the browser workspace to read see one by one.

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