Opencl - beignet unable to make it work Haswell

Hello everyone !
I’m struggling for about a week to make ,opencl, needed for software like davinci resolve, working with my macbook air mid 2013 with an haswell processor

unfortunately i have tried everything i could :
installing beignet
installing from aur intel-opencl

nothing is working

i would prefer to not have to depend on a dualboot to make davinci working

is somebody succeeded to make opencl work with haswell CPU ?

Anyway thanks !!!


Have you installed this ?

pamac build intel-opencl

Hello and thanks a lot for your answer !

i have effectively already tried to use intel-opencl from aur repository
but unfortulately it does not work :
when intel-opencl is installed it changes nothing for davinci resolve , in darktable it seems to be detected but crashes with a segfault (it crashes as well in libreoffice )

darktable’s log :

#10 0x00007fda288b8d3e in Create () at /opt/intel/opencl/
#11 0x00007fda2b2f6152 in () at /opt/intel/opencl/
#12 0x00007fda2b2f61d7 in () at /opt/intel/opencl/
#13 0x00007fda2b2ed5b7 in () at /opt/intel/opencl/
#14 0x00007fda2b2eddd1 in () at /opt/intel/opencl/
#15 0x00007fda2b2db104 in () at /opt/intel/opencl/
#16 0x00007fda2b24d8ed in () at /opt/intel/opencl/
#17 0x00007fda2b2c13a9 in () at /opt/intel/opencl/
#18 0x00007fda73c51e58 in dt_opencl_build_program () at /usr/lib/
#19 0x00007fda73c532c3 in () at /usr/lib/
#20 0x00007fda73c570d0 in dt_opencl_init () at /usr/lib/
#21 0x00007fda73bd31fd in dt_init () at /usr/lib/
#22 0x000055bf56fc1037 in ()
#23 0x00007fda7399d152 in __libc_start_main () at /usr/lib/
#24 0x000055bf56fc108e in ()
[Inferior 1 (process 4603) detached]
backtrace written to /tmp/darktable_bt_CM4AU0.txt
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped) darktable

First you have to make sure your system is updated:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

reboot then rebuild AUR packages (as davinci and intel-opencl)
reboot again and test.

Unfortunately my system is updated and i have rebuilt intel-opencl and nothing changed all opencl related software cannot use it !

I have also been trying to get intel-opencl from the AUR to work with my Dell based Ivy Bridge CPU laptop with no luck, even after trying to follow the advice from the Arch Wiki. If I run clinfo I receive the message “number of platforms 0”.

I also tried compiling beignet from AUR but the job failed as it’s missing a patch for llvm-11. My PC otherwise works great, but I wanted to try to get opencl working if it were possible. Whatcha gonna do… :man_shrugging:

Edit: there are the below comments from the AUR page, but I don’t know what it means or if it’s why I’m having an issue:


egore911 commented on 2021-06-10 06:10

Please note that this package provides an, which causes symbol lookup errors in blender / openimagedenoise (e.g. _ZN3tbb10interface78internal15task_arena_base24internal_max_concurrencyEPKNS0_10task_arenaE), see also FS#71199 : [blender] symbol lookup error

Switching to the intel-opencl-clang package fixes this.

Ashark commented on 2019-07-25 23:24

This package provides intel.icd file, which is already provided by intel-compute-runtime package. So this package should explicitly conflict with intel-compute-runtime or probably rename that file.

the installation of intel-opencl is a little bit tricky due to missing dependancies
( and maybe also intel-opencl-clang but i’m not sure about that )

and even if it’s succedded to install it will not work you have to first install those dependancies before install intel-opencl

unfortunately i still have problems and have a lot of issues (black screen with darktable or blender not running ) with it

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It worked! Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. :grin:

clinfo now shows “number of platforms 1” with lots of other info. I’m not thrilled that ncurses5-compat-libs from the AUR forced the installation of a third party PGP key but I need to hopeful that all is OK with that. Thanks so much for your insight!

EDIT: @eguibs: ncurses5-compat-libs from the AUR is not needed, so I removed it. I found this instead:


You shouldn’t need specifically ncurses5-compat-libs if you have a higher version of ncurses. Because version 6 is backwards compatible with version 5. You need to check whether you have or not. If you have it then you just need to create a system link. Check if you have, so Run:

ls /lib/ | grep libtinfo

if you can’t see, you need to install ncurses (the current latest version of it: 6.2) and then create a system link that I mentioned below. so run:

sudo pacman -S ncurses
sudo pacman -S lib32-ncurses

if you have then run:

sudo link /lib/ /lib/

EDIT 2: After 17 Aug 2021 Stable update, I’m back to “Number of platforms 0” ? Strange… considering giving up on the matter. No issues otherwise and I’m not sure how I would necessarily be using this functionality anyhow, but it seemed like a nice to have working sort of thing if the need were to arise. I’ll have to see if this corrects in a future update.