[openbox] v18.0 - basic edition



I don’t know - I have never made an install to an usb. You should probably watch out for grub.

I think this link could be of help


Is there a way to create a tails like installation of manjaro?

OK I did it. It installed perfectly to my USB stick. I stuck the bootloader to the stick also. And it did not mess with my bootloader on the internal drive. Could you please tell me what I need to install to get multimedia working? Thanks a lot. Mike


Have a look a the Desktop-Packages for the more complete openbox.

It is WIP but lines with

  • >basic pkg is only installed to minimal edition
  • >extra pkg is only installed to full edition

The rest installs to both editions


Thank you much appreciated.


Select not to install Grub on the USB stick (not to install it at all, actually) if you don’t want to boot it on a different machine.
The main system’s Grub will be able to detect the OS on the USB stick through sudo update-grub


Cool. Thanks!

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