[openbox] v18.0 - basic edition



Openbox v18.0

A basic version of Openbox edition with a bare minimum of packages is now available.

  • No media support

Beyond what is needed for the base system and the openbox VM only a very basic set of packages is added. Thus it is up to you to make this your very own.

  • PcManFM
  • Mousepad
  • Midnight Commander
  • Ranger
  • Lynx
  • Midori

For the complete list of packages visit this link

Manual installation instructions including package list

This link is not valid - target has been removed

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Suggestions request for standard openbox profile

Ah! This is amazing! <3

@Chrysostomus, will this be what openbox minimal be based off of in architect?

Edit: nvm. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to have no media support in the architect ver.

Does this just mean that you just need to install a media player yourself, like VLC?

Why two terminal file managers?


And what ever is needed - like alsa or pulseaudio - there is absolutely nothing installed relating to media

Some prefer ranger and some - like myself - prefer mc and the diskspace taken is nothing.


Wow very nice. Hmm “unstable” really why?


No it is a separate openbox-basic profile completely isolated from the standard openbox profile which will have a minimal with some media support and a full profile with all bells and whistles.

The final for the standard profile is not yet decided so suggestions to what to include in the minimal vs the full profile is much appreciated.


Because unstable - IMO is the most stable - mostly because it gets almost daily updates and - for most of my time with Manjaro - this is the most stable version.

I have no breakage or showstoppers on unstable - maybe I am in luck or maybe I don’t use the apps which makes the system break - eg. no proprietary drivers - only free ones - no Steam - no games - a lot of factors which contributes to an unstable system.

That said - any one can change it to stable by using

 sudo pacman-mirrors -aB stable && sudo pacman -Syyu

Wait and in a couple of weeks you are on a stable branch system.


Depends on the edition I guess. Unstable is the best for bspwm too. With gnome I think stable might be the most suitable option.

Depends on the maintainer. Manjaro-architect automatically uses what the maintainers use.


Interesting I am going to try it out anyway. Why WICD?


wicd was a test gig - how it behave - usability etc.

I was not that satisfied - I had unexpected dropouts - so NetworkManager it is - like it or not.


Wow this is really nice. I love it. I think this will be a big hit. I think the hardcores will like it and if that happens you know the newbies will follow, if you know what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe remove the shadows from conky window? I think it would be cleaner for it to blend into the desktop.


Yeah - I tried that - it will require compositing to be disabled and then I loose the termite transparency. (as I remember it) :slight_smile:
Edit: In openbox menu → Preferences → Compositor → Disable …
Conky blends better but terminal looses transparency.

And the minimal - does not count for minimal memory but for minimal number of packages :slight_smile: equals download size.

I also tried with nonfree_mhwd=false but then some is not able to install if having eg. ATI card. (if memory serves it was @eugen-b which mentioned it)

I kind of like the BSD approach - free memory is wasted memory - but don’t want to push it :slight_smile:


Can’t you just put conky to the exception list of Compton?


I didn’t think of that - good idea - will test it.

The quick and dirty was to disable shadow in compton.conf - thanks for the tip.

EDIT: learned something new :slight_smile: thanks :+1:


Maybe you try a slow and clean with conky config?

Boolean, set transparency? 
If ARGB visual is enabled, sets background opacity to 0%. 


I have changed it using

own_window = true,
own_window_class = "Conky",
own_window_type = 'desktop',
own_window_transparent = true,


 shadow-exclude = [
     "class_g *?= 'Conky'",


Well, it doesn’t really fit Openbox in basic configuration, so may be a little bit off-topic. Please forgive me if so, but possibly someone will find it useful.

I set up Openbox on older of my machines, and missed some features I got used to on my newer laptop, which runs GNOME. It resulted in the Python script and the AUR package. Feel free to install and let me know what you think.


Could this be adapted for usage with different environments? Seems like something I could use with bspwm


I know nothing about bspwm, but commands (except for autoconfig) should work anywhere. Just install and test from terminal. Description available in Wiki.


I want to do a full install on a 128GB USB stick. Will I have any problems with grub and what is on my internal HD now? TIA. Mike

Manjaro running on USB flash [good experience]