[Openbox spin] Completely unconfigured Openbox session after install?

I can't seem to find any question like this, so either my issue is unique or everybody but me already knows this...

After install, I was sort of expecting to have an Openbox session configured with similar software as I tried in the live boot, with polybar, conky, tint2, theming, and so forth. But logging in takes me to just a black screen with a cursor - bare, unconfigured Openbox.

Looking at the live session, I noticed it's running manjaro-tint2-session provided by manjaro-openbox-scripts, which it did not install on my fresh system. I'm willing to learn openbox config if I must, but was hoping to pop this laptop up quickly for use in a project, so if there's a package I can install or some quick way to copy the live image's sesson, I'd love to hear about it!

Thanks in advance.

Did you use an existing /home?

Try creating a new user.

This is a fresh-today install, over a wiped Windows drive, on which I am the only user.

Do this

cp -r /etc/skel/ ~/


Hmm, I can, but t doesn't look like that will do anything for me, as the entire directory contents are just /etc/skel/bin/README and nothing else.

Other Files are hidden
Do the above command and tell result.

Ah silly me, I forget tree also hides dotfiles by default. Rebooting.

Up and running again, with new dotfiles in home directory now. Still looking at plain Openbox with no bars.

Open pamac
And install all openbox settings package

That package is already installed, and most other search results for "openbox" are just additional themes.

Thanks for your time by the way.

Hi @Egon :slight_smile:

You've installed M-OpenBox version with clear openbox. Minimal I guess. It's for users who don't want ArchLabs like openbox or have own minimalistc config (it's how I understand this).

manjaro-openbox-config package contains most of config files and manjaro-openbox-scripts is a package with needed scripts for proper working. For polybar you need to install manjaro-openbox-fonts. I guess in general you need to install all manjaro-openbox packages if you want same openbox look as in live sesion.


That's interesting, is there a non-minimal installer somewhere? I just used the latest Manjaro Openbox Stable release, and nothing in either the ISO name or the installation process indicated that it would be the clear Openbox install (or that there was even another option).

I have openbox minimal installed and it has conky, tint2, and polybar installed and preconfigured. I installed via Manjaro Architect though. Maybe @Egon should try using architect and see how well it works. I prefer the minimal edition over the full personally, too much stuff in the full that I don't use.

Thanks for this, I was assuming that going with Architect would actually leave more stuff unconfigured for me.

For this particular machine I just want it running and usable more quickly, and won't really have time to mess with configurations for a few weeks

I remember that somebody install bare bone OpenBox and I thought it was a minimal version. Discussion was somewhere in OpenBox release announcement. I don't remember which one, it was long ago.

Maybe you're mentioning me. But that was by installing using netinstall versions of manjaro. I have more OB barebones than other DE's. I also have Ubuntu barebone OB set up from server editions.

As for configuration, I use rc.xml and menu.xml in /etc/xdg/openbox.
The 'normal' OB uses rc.xml and menu.xml in one of the directories in ~/home. But not mine.
The 'normal' OB has oblogmenu obsomethiing something which I don't have because I don't install the 'normal' or even the 'minimal' OB.

All my OB's do not have conky, dock, polybar.. or other stuff. One does not even have a menu or wallpaper - All OB under 5 GB with full browser and media player. One has been kde'fied.

I did not respond here because my OB is not the 'standard' OB and the configurations, including autostart are all in /etc/xdg/openbox and may not work for you. And, I use sddm for all of them, not lightdm.

But I hope you find a solution to yours. Good luck.

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That depends

  • did you use the minimal edition

If you chose the minimal - you get what is needed to run - nothing else.

Nope - if you want an unconfigured environt - other choices are available.

Otherwise choose hte vanilla install - in the archictect menu.

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