Openbox Not Suspending Properly on One Computer

Manjaro OB is installed on 2 desktop and one notebook computer.

On the desktop with a Gigabyte X58 motherboard on suspending (Applications / System / Suspend) the keyboard and screen are turned off but not the computer itself.

Any ideas about how to correct this will be appreciated.

Did you try to see if makes a difference if change S1(POS) to S3(STR) ACPI Suspend in BIOS settings?
Does hibernate work?

No, I haven't tried that, but you are right about the BIOS being a major part of the problem (and the reason I won't be buying another Gigabyte MB - the last two BIOS they put out were Beta and required a separate installation application. The one that is installed at the moment is number 7 - the last stable one.

Both Asus and MSI produced finished BIOS for their X58 Motherboards with both USB 3 and SATA 3.

Maybe I change versions to Xfce which should allow me to save the session on logging out.

I burned the lasted Manjaro Xfce to a thumb drive and tried suspending, but the same thing happens.

Suspend on live media? I don't think that is supposed to ever work in live system ...

That will not work.

Suspending to disk requires swap equaling the size of your RAM + size of your external graphics.

So you have not created the necessary swap space - you can't suspend to disk.

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