[Openbox] Minimal ISO refresh 19.08.07

Openbox ISO 19.08.07 Stable Branch

ISO withdrawn - issues with the new office select module.

It turns out it is only full version which is affected so the link minimal is again available.

Openbox ISO 19.08.07 Stable Branch


Minimal ISO

direct | sig | sha1 | sha256 | torrent

Workstation screenshot

Known issues with virtualbox installation

When creating a default VirtualBox VM the wizard creates it with a VMSVGA graphics controller.

This triggers installation of VMware drivers and not VirtualBox drivers. Thus dynamic resize of the virtual screen does not work.

Before launching the newly created VM goto the settings dialog of the VM and change the graphics controller to VBoxSVGA.

Extra ISO screenshots

Change a few settings and it looks like this

Please note that changes made on the ISO do not get copied to the installation.
Desktop icons is only used on the ISO to make it easier to launch installer and user guide


The final will be matrix themed


The theme is there - you just have to change a few settings.

change colors in

  • ~/.config/polybar/master.conf

  • change conky

  • change the tint bar (not necessary ATM)

  • change the background

And it is not a release - just a rebuild iso - demonstrating the rolling concept.

Remember to set the virtual machines graphics controller to VBoxSVGA before launching the ISO. The VirtualBox drivers will be installed.

Aaaah! Now i can see. :face_with_monocle:

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