Openbox hangs after 10 minutes of inactivity

After 10 minutes, the machine won’t come back from screenlock/suspend state. I’ve found that this has something to do with these processes: xfconfd, xfce4-screensaver, xfce4-power-manager. Killing these processes solved the issue. How can I automate this?

If only I knew where these three processes were started, I would not need to kill them. As a workaround, I just put these lines into ~/.config/openbox/autostart file:

(sleep 90; pkill -f 'xfce4-screensaver')&
(sleep 90; pkill -f 'xfce4-power-manager')&
(sleep 90; pkill -f 'xfconfd')&

A lot of different system setups exist - and not two systems are identical.

/etc/xdg/autostart - is the system global autostart - then your .config/autostart and finally your .config/openbox/autostart.

Your issue may be due to collision between tlp and xfce power manager.

On the latest openbox ISO you need to actively launch the xfsettingsd from you openbox autostart. Without this binary other xfce applications won’t work as expected.

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