Проблема с установкой openbox (дистрибутив architect)



Доброго времени суток!
устанавливаю manjaro architect на ноут рабочий, установщик пишет:
error: target not found: openbox-desktop-settings
error: target not found: openbox-common-desktop-settings
error: target not found: openbox-minimal-desktop-settings

i3 поставился, но хотел бы понять как openbox поставить
какой-то репо надо прописать дополнительно?



Доброго времени суток!

Проблема может быть в этом файле

Сопровождающий надо осмотреть если проблема ест. Вы сам можете попробовать другой зеркало или ветка (не знаю если ети слово правильно по русски) использовать.


@fhdk can you take a look if there is something wrong with openbox profile in manjaro-architect branch? Or is this just a mirror issue?


I think there is - I have been vaccuming the packages.

@thymikon @Chrysostomus

I have fixed the openbox m-a profile


hello, thank you for reply
feel free write in english

where I can find that file?
I got manjaro-architect-17.1.12-stable-x86_64.iso writed to usb, and I was try to make new OS install with openbox package.
Also I was check few fasters mirrors (yandex and few other)

any way I cant install system with openbox,
got idea that I can install i3 and then inside installed system install openbox, but do not try that way yet

thank you


The installer clones/pulls the m-a branch.

I have updated the profile so you get the changes immediately.

I think you need to use the unstable branch - but let me check

The file is here - but you do not need to anything - installer pulls the changes from gitlab.



I had removed some obsolete packages and some was renamed. That has now been fixed in the profile.

When checking the installation I am getting error on install - not enough diskspace in VB.

I am using a 8GiB vdi with auto partition to 7.5GiB and 512MiB mounting as / and /boot

Using kde-18-beta9 ISO


Try to set it to use the pgk cache of the target system in the preparation menu.


I keep forgetting not to use the default vdi size in VB.

Choosing swapfile further reduces the diskspace which is why this error was thrown.

Recommended min. size of vdi 16GiB



I have tested installation with m-a-17.1.12 - openbox full profile :ballot_box_with_check:


installation went fine :hugs:


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