Openbox 20.2 with nothing else

I wanted to discover openbox and after a very quick installation of openbox 20.2 on restart I have no connection menu. I only have an empty wallpaper without( error message. What should I do?

Did you verify the downloaded image? checksum or signature?

That is weird - I will take a look at the ISO - see what’s up.


found what’s up - for some unknown reason the lxdm theme was missing from the ISO.

I will build replacement ISO.

In the meantime the fix is to switch to TTY, login and install the missing theme.

sudo pacman-mirrors --continent && sudo pacman -Syyu manjaro-pacbang-lxdm-theme

Thanks for your answer, i’m trying and come back for my reply :wink:

This is very misleading. I downloaded 20.3 OpenBox but it’s only version 20.0 and has kernel 5.6 so I haven’t installed it.

Why is it showing on download page it’s 20.2 when it clearly isn’t?

There is no 20.3 - and if you are seeing links to 20.0 you you are looking at the browser cached version of the home page.

Refresh the page with F5.

Typo mean’t to say 20.2

It downloaded 20.0 there was no 20.2 listed?

Really weird. So if I refresh the page with the red button saying 20.2 with F5 then it allows me to download the 20.2 but if I don’t it downloads the version with the 5.6 kernel?

Never seen that one before.

Thank you for your help!

Wait… When you hit F5 it takes you to download XFCE Edition. I just looked at my download.

So here is what happens if you click OpenBox 20.2 it downloads 20.0

The ONLY way at this time to get OpenBox 20.2 is to go into the file directory and download it there. Click on the link that says older versions and then click on the OpenBox Folder and choose between 20.2 Full Edition or the Lite Version.

Hope this will help others and to get the link fixed!

…always up to date.

your solution is ok for me, thanks :wink:

Thank you for making me check this - as it appeared I had forgotten a switch to the deploy script which updates the permalinks.

I have updated the permalinks - they should point to the correct file now.

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