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Openbox 17.1.12 stable ISO

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Manjaro-Openbox 17.1.11

Minimal and regular torrent, me only?

Your requested resource is not found

smallest ok.


ups - forgot to make unlisted until all files are up :slight_smile:

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@fhdk, thanks for making an Ob spin for Manjaro. It has certainly been some years since I’ve looked at one that was a Manjaro release (Dan & Joshua).

I’ve installed your minimal install, updated it with pacman (it didn’t need much updating :slight_smile: ) & have started doing a little customising; in so doing, I have found the odd little problem that may or may not have anything to do with your spin (more likely my lack of knowledge of just what it includes). I thought I’d tell you about them anyway, as something may be of help to you:

  • I installed the Sakura terminal, which thus far functions just fine. The only problem that I have with Sakura, is that it has created the ~/.config/sakura directory, but it doesn’t make a config file, which it has always done automatically for itself in the past (I’ve been using Sakura for years).

  • Just noticed that Xed doesn’t keep its settings either.

  • I’ve tried to install a couple of packages via the AUR (one of which I’ve been using for >10 years) Worker, & the vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs, each give me an error that I’ve never seen before:

==> Building and installing package
==> ERROR: Cannot find the strip binary required for object file stripping.
==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build ncurses5-compat-libs.
==> Restart building ncurses5-compat-libs ? [y/N]

I’ve not yet searched for info’ on this one at this point (I will), I don’t understand it at this point.

  • The Midori browser was operating dreadfully at times. As in stalling & staying stalled. I’ve since installed Vivaldi which is operating as I expect it to. So I don’t know what the problem may be there (I had made no modifications to the installation of your Ob spin at that point).

  • I can’t access USB connected external media. They show up fine when I use the lsblk command, but PCManFM gives the Operation not supported error. So I’ll install udiskie & see how we go…

I expect that the above would be obvious to me if I could have read the list of packages that are part of this spin.

Anyway, I expect I’ll be back with more feedback as I continue… :wink:


A list of packages is available in the download folder.

The basic and minimal versions will lack functionality, they are created as a do-it-yourself base - the intended audience is hardcore users like yourself :slight_smile:

The v18 will change in the respect that there will be only two editions and the minimal is targeted at the do-it-yourself audience.

I have created a small python/gtk3 utility packaged as manjaro-application-utility which list common application suggestions for end user to install. It features a default and advanced mode where you select/deselect the apps you want installed/removed. At the moment it is only available from testing and unstable branch.

@papajoke and I are working to create it as a plugin to the Manjaro Hello application.

Hmm - I know dconf is present - and xed updates prefs at my system.

That is because some of the base-devel package is missing.
Manjaro installs - as part of iso creation - some packages from the group but not all.

sudo pacman -Syu base-devel --needed

I have never heard of that terminal - but not creating a config file? I really have no idea but I will assume it must be an issue with the app itself.

The file is created on exit of the terminal in ~/config/sakura/sakura.conf

I have never been fond of it myself - but it is usable for normal casual browsing and chosen so the user has an option to connect to the internet in a usable way (lynx can be quite intimidating) :slight_smile:. Any user with some experience will ditch it as soon as possible.


@fhdk, thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

I missed the package list - my fault, didn’t see it & no problem either really.

udiskie sorted out my external media mount issue. no prob’s there too. :slight_smile:

Joshua also made a python (from memory) program that only ran on the first boot of the old Manjaro Openbox spin that he & Dan made (mainly Dan). It gave the user a number of options re. packages & GPU drivers too I think (not sure on the GPU now - too long ago). A user could use any of it, or just cancel it & it would never be seen again. It was a particularly good thing for those new to Linux (let alone Openbox).

Sorry about the Xed & Sakura thing. They needed me to restart, either just them or the WM. No prob’s there too. (embarrassed face now…) lol

Which is becoming even more embarrassed now that I’m reading that base-devel missing is what was causing that/those AUR package install problems. Though I must admit, knowing now that it is as simple as that to fix makes me happy, as I’m so incredibly dependent on Worker its not funny. (I’ve had the Worker habit for over a decade now, everything else I use to interface with a computer just seems wrong!)

I too don’t like Midori. Though, I was happy to see that they have now at least put in a config option to turn WebRTC off.

Thanks again fhdk, for all of the time & effort that you (& anyone else who may have contributed) have put in to this one. I’m sure that your users will be very grateful.

I’m of course in the process of tearing it all up & making it the way that I make my peculiar Ob/Worker/Tint2 & what not system.

I wanted to see what you have done, as I knew I’d benefit from your knowledge & be able to incorporate some new gems into my hodgepodge. :smiley:



I was trying this out today, you done a realy good job with it :+1:


Thank you :slight_smile:

The application utility is very much work-in-progress :slight_smile:

We have a functional working version - and there is room for improvement - which @papajoke has an invaluable part in. @papajoke has some nice suggestions - my only regret is that I am not able to communicate in french. If I was able to do that (communicate in french) - what an app we could make. :slight_smile:

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